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Design Focus: Highlighted

The sites we’re discussing this week have translucent markings and shapes floating on top of the main content, as though they’ve been annotated with bright, neon highlighter markers. Do they add new depth to the designs or do they look distracting?

Design Focus: Neon

Bright colors are in, and not just any kind of bright, but neon. Are these site designs over the top or on the mark?

Design Focus: Sprinkles on Top

Here’s a fun and colorful trend for this week: icons scattered on the page in ice cream-flavored hues, breaking out of the grid while still looking neat on top of their playfulness.

Design Focus: Color Changing

Keeping it colorful is a good technique, and sometimes you don’t have to slap on every color in the rainbow to do it. Switching colors adds a lively, dynamic characteristic to your design.

Friday Focus 05/11/12: Rainbow Flavored

Today we’re looking at designs that don’t shy away from a broad color palette and completely embrace the rainbow. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 01/27/12: Solid Color Coded

Welcome to the last Friday Focus of the month! This week we’re featuring sites employing blocks of color as a dominant part of their designs. Who says we need to use gradients in everything we do? See how it’s done.

Friday Focus 06/25/10: Kid-Friendly

No, these websites aren’t just for the little ones, but their designs certainly have a child-focused appeal to them. Check out the elements that make up a Kid-Friendly look on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 05/27/10: In Your Face Illustrations

This week on Friday Focus: illustrations that appear front and center in these websites, because we want them big, bright, and beautiful.

Friday Focus 05/07/10: Power Lines

This week on Friday Focus: website designs that use strong lines to guide the eye in navigating around them.

Friday Focus 04/16/10: Slanted

This week on Friday Focus: designs that tilt to one side and keep the perpendicular lines away.

Friday Focus 02/19/10: Fixed

This week on Friday Focus: excellent websites that happen to have fixed elements in them.

Friday Focus 01/22/10: Folded Out and 3D

This week on Friday Focus: these folded, boxy 3D-looking designs pose an interesting challenge to the designer in creating perspective and breaking out of boundaries. See how these websites did it!