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Friday Focus 02/04/11: Realism

This week’s picks feature engrossing environments with stunning details and interactions. Design imitating real life is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but never goes out of style.

Friday Focus 01/28/11: Site Origami

The folded look on websites is still a strong trend. Let’s take a look at a new batch of sites that put it to good use on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 12/31/10: Go Big or Go Home

The last Friday Focus of the year is going to be all about big designs. Time to go out with a bang!

7 Handy Cheat Sheets To Help You Code Your Own WordPress Theme

After countless of design and inspiration list you have finally come up with your own website design. But it is still sitting in Photoshop waiting to be coded. Coding a WordPress theme for the first time can appear a daunting task and even if you have done it before there is a lot of tag […]

12 Old and New CSS Menu Techniques

A navigation menu, something unmissable in all websites, one of the most important factor besides content. You can have a simple navigation or a very intricate one, design and code wise. Once I learned some key navigation techniques I went on to learn how to work around WordPress generated navigation to still be able to […]

Friday Focus 10/15/10: Book Sites

Check out how these designs brought printed books to life online on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 10/08/10: Event Websites

Possibly one of the most exciting website genres out there, we’re focusing on event sites this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/24/10: The One Page Experience

Some of the most interesting interactions I’ve seen done on websites utilize the one page format. Is it because there are fewer pages, fewer elements that should be easier to manipulate? Enjoy these one page wonders on this week’s Friday Focus.

12 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates and Frameworks To Get You Started

With Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta just released we are a step closer to being able to use more functionality from HTML5 and CSS3. More and more developers and designers are taking the steps and creating their sites with HTML5 and CSS3 leaving the option to the user to switch to the most modern browser […]

Friday Focus 09/10/10: Light Streaks

They’re a bit more abstract than sunbursts and are often used to break the horizontal and vertical lines that run throughout the design. Enjoy some subtle light streaks this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/03/10: Ribbons

Using ribbons is really big these days, bringing both sophistication and a hint of nostalgia to designs.

Friday Focus 07/30/10: Centered Seals

Sites usually place logos at the top left corner of the page, but nudge them to the center and it makes quite an impact, as a red wax seal does on a white letter envelope. Let’s check out sites with centered logos on this week’s Friday Focus.