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30 Fonts You Want to Have

A large collection of 30 fonts you want to have, some free, and some paid. We may not be Smashing Magazine, but we can put together a good list here and there too. If you are looking for professional fonts to fun ones, we’ve got you covered with this extensive list.

WordPress 2.3 Beta 3 Released

Just thought I’d put up a quick note before everyone else starts posting about it. The latest beta build of WordPress 2.3 is now available for download. Everything I’ve tested so far with 2.3 has been working superbly, and I’m really excited to see 2.3 go final and get it in use here on Devlounge. […]

Using Firebug to download songs from Myspace

Ah yes, one of our favorite things (Firebug) can be used to workaround song downloads on one of our most least favorite sites in the web world – Myspace. There have been previous solutions all over the place for downloading any song off of Myspace, but just about every solution has been blocked with time. […]