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Friday Focus 01/22/10: Folded Out and 3D

This week on Friday Focus: these folded, boxy 3D-looking designs pose an interesting challenge to the designer in creating perspective and breaking out of boundaries. See how these websites did it!

Friday Focus 10/23/09: Enjoy the View

This week on Friday Focus: websites that will make you want to get in the car or on a plane and head to these exquisite destinations. At least we can enjoy their views from within our own browsers!

Friday Focus 07/10/09: Featuring Food

Apologies for posting this a day late, but I will try to make it up to you with yummy-looking websites. It’s a food-centric Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 03/27/09: Twitter Mania

Twitter has just turned three but it it’s still the most talked about webapp in ages. That’s because people are constantly coming up with ways to extract, arrange, and present its data. Let’s take a look at some nicely designed 3rd-party websites that harness its power.

Friday Focus 10/17/08: Office Stationery

Let’s take a look at websites that look like they were built with stuff found in your office stationery. Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 07/25/08: Illustrated Designs

Dive into the colorful and detailed world of illustrated web design this week on Friday Focus.