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Design Focus: Uncover

Our featured designs this week have a nice little effect where you uncover content that seems to be under another.

Friday Focus 06/03/11: North East South West

Here’s an interesting technique to try out in this week’s Friday Focus: designs that have four main navigational items arranged at right angles to each other, much like the four main directions on a compass.

Friday Focus 12/31/10: Go Big or Go Home

The last Friday Focus of the year is going to be all about big designs. Time to go out with a bang!

Friday Focus 07/09/10: Background Repeat

This week on Friday Focus: it’s backgrounds with repeating patterns, a well-loved technique that doesn’t go out of style.

Friday Focus 04/16/10: Slanted

This week on Friday Focus: designs that tilt to one side and keep the perpendicular lines away.

Friday Focus 12/11/09: Sunbursts

This week, I’ve come across a lot of sites with sunbursts, a specific type of lighting that’s popular with not just the Web 2.0 look anymore. You decide if they’re crucial to the design or not.

Friday Focus 05/01/09: Brown Bunch

It doesn’t happen a lot on Friday Focus, but this week we have a bunch of websites featured, all dressed up in brown.