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Friday Focus 09/17/10: Scallops and Shears

This week on Friday Focus: designs adorned with the timeless patterns of scalloping and sheared edges.

Friday Focus 07/17/09: Old Newspapers

This week on Friday Focus, we pay homage to the good old newspaper, whose elegance and practicality ought to transcend the ages. Print isn’t dead; not quite yet.

Friday Focus 06/26/09: Interactive Backgrounds

Backgrounds are so called for a reason. They’re meant to support and complement instead of attract and distract. This week’s featured sites, however, provide a whole other level of interactivity and usefulness to backgrounds. You decide if they’re a good idea or not. Either way, they’re interesting concepts that can only be executed on the Web, so, enjoy!

Friday Focus 03/06/09: Flexible Layouts

It’s flexible layouts on this week’s Friday Focus. I’ll be loose with the definition though, since 100% fluid width layouts are so hard to come by!

Friday Focus 07/05/08: Bursts of Color and Collapsible Content

Welcome to the first Friday Focus for the month of July. This week: strong bursts of color and collapsible content. Curious combination? Read on!

Friday Focus 06/06/08: They Just Work

Here’s a larger-than-usual Friday Focus for this week, featuring simple yet beautiful designs that just work. Four site types (blog, portfolio, static, e-commerce) that do a standout job of making an impression.