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Design Focus: Type Guides

Here’s a resource roundup to sharpen your typography skills. This week we’re looking at sites that curate beautiful applications of webfonts.

Design Focus: Type Specimen

Here’s another roundup that’s not only inspiring but useful for web designers: websites showcasing the elegant and exciting qualities of typefaces you can purchase.

Design Focus: Type Sites

It’s that time again for a roundup of smartly-designed sites you should look to for inspiration. And this week it’s all about sites dedicated to typefaces you can buy and download. See how they peddle these digital goodies to customers.

Icons and Grunge Fonts

Time again for some fresh icons and fonts. This week you’ll find listed here five different icons; hand drawn, social,, for the cloud, android and credit cards. A couple of them are vector only which gives you more control over the size and color. For the fonts choice this week we are going grunge. Since […]

10 Free High Quality Fonts and Icons

I came across a selection of icons and fonts that are not extremely popular yet. These icons and fonts are of super-b quality. Picto Foundry for example is optimized for the retina display on iPhone 4 and for use on the iPad. There is also a commercial selection available. Discons and Minicons are excellent minimalist […]

15 Beautiful Fonts for Minimalist Designs

When opting for a minimalist design the typography is very important. Typography is always important but with a minimalist design the focus is more so on the content then on a graphic heavy design. The font you choose sets the tone of your design. If you take a look at minimalist WordPress templates you can […]

The Best Fonts For Your Design

Typography can make or break your design. There is like a bottomless resource of fonts on the internet but only a handful are good. Of course this also depends on how it’s implemented. Times New Roman has been used so much that everyone is tired of it, but Simon Collison has shown how an old […]

The Skinny: 16 Thin, Fabulous & Free Fonts

Sometimes with fonts, the thinner the better. Here, a list of 16 of the best free, skinny fonts.

Favorite Five: @font-face Choices for Numerals

For number-heavy websites, five @font-face font choices I love.

Friday Focus 03/19/10: Left-Aligned

Here’s an old-school pattern that hasn’t gone the way of the dodo: left-aligned designs. Symmetry is great, but asymmetry? Even better. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Love Helvetica? You’ll Love These

Can a single font really be a designer’s best friend? I look at some ways people are showing their Helvetica love.

Favorite Five: Free Festive Fonts

‘Tis the season for festive design. In that spirit, here are five free fonts to add to your arsenal.