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Favorite Five: Free Serif Fonts

Beautiful serifs abound in these five free fabulous fonts.

Five Fonts for @font-face

Are there any good @font-face fonts? Here are five I’m loving, with suggestions on where to use them.

Friday Focus 09/25/09: Circles

This week on Friday Focus, we have websites that feature circular shapes prominently in their designs. Time to break out of the boxiness and round things up!

Five tips for using @font-face

Oh, the power that @font-face puts in a web designer’s hand! Here, some things to keep in mind when using it.

Five Gorgeous Script Fonts

It’s free font time once again, with these beautifully-crafted script fonts.

Five Fresh Free Fonts

Five gorgeous fonts you’ll want to download right away. And you can, because they’re free!

Friday Focus 05/22/09: Headshots

Don’t laugh! Don’t think it’s anything morbid, either! Let’s see how this week’s websites have made use of people’s heads as part of their designs.

Better Font Families in CSS

Building your font family stacks in CSS.

Fonts of the Moment

Love fonts? Me too- maybe a little too much. Here, I share with you four typefaces that currently make my heart smile.

Friday Focus 08/08/08: User Generated Goodness

08/08/08—what a date for today’s Friday Focus! Aside from celebrating the start of the Beijing Olympics, how about enjoying some user-generated goodness for our sites this week?

Friday Focus 05/23/08: Beautiful, Detailed Illustrations

Can’t say there’s a completely obvious unifying factor to each of the design picks this week, but they all have beautiful, detailed illustrations in them. They’re all cheerful too.

30 Fonts You Want to Have

A large collection of 30 fonts you want to have, some free, and some paid. We may not be Smashing Magazine, but we can put together a good list here and there too. If you are looking for professional fonts to fun ones, we’ve got you covered with this extensive list.