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Design Focus: Sign Up Now

Check out these website designs that don’t may not contain much at the moment, but grab your attention with a beautifully crafted sign up page.

Friday Focus 09/02/11: Over the Moon

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that incorporate the moon in them.

Friday Focus 07/22/11: Over and Under

The featured designs on this week’s Friday Focus take out the bore of having to scroll through several thousands of pixels as you’re rewarded with cool animations, layer effects, and the information you need presented in an appealing and compelling way.

Friday Focus 07/08/11: This or That?

You might remember a feature on split designs over a year ago. The look is alive and kicking in 2011, and this week we’re taking another look. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 04/08/11: Robotic Revolution

This week on Friday Focus, robots are taking over Devlounge!

Friday Focus 03/18/11: Drink Up

This week on Friday Focus, we’re toasting to sites that feature drink products in their designs. Let’s see how they’re featured in each.

10 jQuery Scripts To Optimize Forms

Last week I posted HTML5 Forms Styled With CSS3. There you can find useful links on how to style your forms and add effects with HTML5 and CSS3. I mentioned that beside for old browser fall back you won’t need Javascript. But if you want to optimize your forms and add more options, Javascript is […]

HTML5 Forms Styled With CSS3

Let me start by saying that HTML5 and CSS3 are two different things. Secondly HTML5 is still just HTML and CSS3 is still just CSS. I’ve been noticing that people are confusing these two specifications with each other and making it more complicated then it is. HTML5 is a set of new specifications added to […]

Friday Focus 08/20/10: Skylines

This week on Friday Focus: designs that feature artistic renderings of skyscrapers and other features of a long landscape. See how they’re incorporated below.

Friday Focus 07/02/10: Rocketships

This week on Friday Focus: a bunch of sites that use rocketships in their designs. Unfortunately not all of them take the metaphor as far as one would like, but carry interesting designs nonetheless. Ready of take off?

Friday Focus 05/07/10: Power Lines

This week on Friday Focus: website designs that use strong lines to guide the eye in navigating around them.

Friday Focus 01/29/10: Split

This week on Friday Focus: websites that are split right in the middle! A case of design schizophrenia? Let’s find out.