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Friday Focus 09/09/11: Denim

This week on Friday Focus we’re featuring a specific type of texture being used in websites: denim. Is it the new wood pattern? Let’s find out.

Friday Focus 07/29/11: Triangles

We’ve looked at designs with irregular shapes and circles before (twice, even), and this week we’re adding triangles to that list. Time for this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 08/14/09: Sewing & Crafts

It’s Friday once again and this week on ‘Focus we’re looking at very “domestic” looking sites, like they were put together with fabrics, thread, and craft supplies!

3 Principles for Turning Your Site Into a Brand

With Google’s new emphasis on brands, it’s important to have brand building as one of the pillars to your SEO strategy. Here are 3 principles to keep in mind.

Friday Focus 07/05/08: Bursts of Color and Collapsible Content

Welcome to the first Friday Focus for the month of July. This week: strong bursts of color and collapsible content. Curious combination? Read on!

The Road to the first 100K

For every site owner, you set goals for yourself long before the site launches. Maybe it’s things you’d like to do in general. Maybe you hope to make a set amount of income by a certain point in time. Or maybe you hope to hit traffic goals each month as the site’s popularity increases. For […]

1/25 Update

I’m sorry for the slow week this week. It was exam week in school for myself, so I’ve had other things to focus on than writing new content. Expect a new Friday Focus tomorrow, and possibly a new edition of the “Essentials” series, although if I don’t get around to it will go live on […]

WordPress 2.1 Shipped

Just a few short hours ago the first release of WordPress 2.1 (final) was announced. The new version, also known as “Ella” features numerous improvements. We’ll be upgrading from the RC1 to the 2.1 final shortly, but heres the official WordPress improvement list for this new release. As always, you can grab it from […]

Friday Focus #14

It’s Friday everyone, rejoice! By now you know what that means, a brand spankin’ new edition of Friday Focus. Here’s what was hot over the past week. Sites of the Week First up this week is Press-agrum. While we tend not to feature many flash sites in the weekly Friday Focus, I thought the flash […]

Devlounge 2006: Posts and Numbers

A final look back at some of our favorite posts of 2006, as well as some of the final stats numbers for you tidbit junkies. Happy New Year from the Devlounge Team.

Google, MS, and Yahoo Sitemaps

From Techcrunch we have learned that Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google will sideline their search engine war games for a universal sitemap protocol. The protocol will allow you to get your sitemap indexed on all three search engines without submitting to each one. For example, Google Sitemap users will soon have their sitemaps indexed on both […]