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Design Focus: Minty Fresh

The shades of green in this week’s feature are bright, peppy, and almost too harsh on the eyes, but it seems to be all the rage these days. How does it come into play with these designs? Let’s find out:

Design Focus: Evergreen

We’re not talking about eco-friendly sites but designs that have taken a liking to this lush hue, now more than ever.

Friday Focus 01/23/09: Illustrated Mountains

Let’s take a look at websites that all use illustrated mountains (or are those hills?) in their designs. See how the sloping sceneries change with each purpose and mood. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 12/19/08: Merry Christmas!

Christmas is less than a week away, so let’s stick to that theme on this week’s Friday Focus. Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday Focus 09/05/08: Blue

This week on Friday Focus: the most popular color on the planet, blue. After the immense popularity of green (and pink?) during the Web 2.0 wave, it looks like web designs are going back to everyone’s favorite color. And we have a bucket full of examples to prove it.