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Design Focus: Retro Futura

This Friday we’re featuring an interesting typographic trend: designs with a union, vintage feel, featuring lots of blacks and grays, textures, thick borders, uppercase, and letter spacing.

Friday Focus 11/18/11: Moustaches for Movember

Last week we celebrated 11/11/11; this Friday Focus we’re looking at inspiring moustache-themed designs in celebration of Movember or men’s health awareness month.

Friday Focus 06/24/11: Pixel Focus

This Friday Focus we’re putting a spotlight on designs that exaggerate pixel sizes for a mosaic, rugged look.

Icons and Grunge Fonts

Time again for some fresh icons and fonts. This week you’ll find listed here five different icons; hand drawn, social,, for the cloud, android and credit cards. A couple of them are vector only which gives you more control over the size and color. For the fonts choice this week we are going grunge. Since […]

Friday Focus 12/10/10: Darkly Textured

This week’s Friday Focus is all about light on dark designs that use subtle, even elegant textures.

Friday Focus 08/20/10: Skylines

This week on Friday Focus: designs that feature artistic renderings of skyscrapers and other features of a long landscape. See how they’re incorporated below.

Friday Focus 07/23/10: Bento Boxes

This week on Friday Focus: websites whose content are arranged into boxes like those cute bento meals. This time, you must think inside the box!

Friday Focus 07/02/10: Rocketships

This week on Friday Focus: a bunch of sites that use rocketships in their designs. Unfortunately not all of them take the metaphor as far as one would like, but carry interesting designs nonetheless. Ready of take off?

Friday Focus 03/12/10: Grit & Grime

Going dirty has never looked this good! It’s grungy websites this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 02/26/10: Fine Type

This week on Friday Focus: designs that are dressed in fine typography and details.

Friday Focus 01/22/10: Folded Out and 3D

This week on Friday Focus: these folded, boxy 3D-looking designs pose an interesting challenge to the designer in creating perspective and breaking out of boundaries. See how these websites did it!

Friday Focus 01/15/10: Uppercase

At one point in our internet lives, we learned to avoid typing in all caps, because it meant we were yelling. At another point, we became attachmented to typing in lowercase, because it looked and felt cool. We see a lot of designs going lowercase in many portions of text, but nowadays, going uppercase is is all the rage. These designs seem to pull that off quite well.