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5 Places for Dev Help

Where to turn to with your burning programming questions.

Ready for May 1st?

Are you prepared for your reboot? Make sure you don’t forget some key factors.

Firebug – Dream or Nightmare?

Firebug is a new Firefox extension which gives developers a slew of amazing source viewing and editing power, but will rippers use the benefits of the program for their own monetary advantage? We discuss the benefits and possible downfalls of this excellent plugin. Is it a dream and nightmare for developers all in one?

Chat with Us

Tonight begins the first of what we hope will turn into a very successful weekly series of live chats. Each week as part of our newly launched podcast section, we will hold an hour long chat discussing a range of different design and development related topics. The results will then be put into a sleek […]

Sounds of Upgrades

We successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5, which was just released a short time ago. We haven’t found anything wrong since the upgrade, but if you encounter some kind of odd error let us know. In other news, the podcast page is finally up! As of right now the page is a bit empty. We’ll be […]

Xhtml in 15 minutes? No Way!

There are plenty of new designers who are still living in a cave on the latest in the web coding craze, known as valid code, which is the use of Xhtml & CSS. These new designers spend countless hours “in the dark” so to speak, and use prehistoric techniques such as tables to put together […]

Updates On Some Things

There are a few issues we’d like to update everyone on, and I thought I’d cover them today. As many of you frequent visitors may know, we’re beginning the process of putting together the next version of Devlounge, DL3, which will be a total remake of the site. With it will come multiple staff changes […]

We Need You! (DL3)

We need you! The process has begun, we’re looking for talented, experienced, and willing designers and developers to help us with Devlounge 3. We have many ideas, and we need your help to build the most innovative and functional designer / developer resource around. Learn more and get in touch!

You Call Yourself A Designer

So you consider yourself a web designer? Good for you. How long have you been designing, what skills do you posses, do you have a portfolio? These are the questions any employer will ask before choosing you out of an unlimited supply of design talent. But wait – are you even a designer?

Making the Transition

Moving from tables to style sheets and divs can be complex at first, but with a basic understanding, the meaning behind cleaner code becomes clear.