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Data Storage Done Right: How Developers Can Avoid Downtime

One of the most important concerns developers should have when dealing with data storage and migration is server downtime. Server downtime prevents internal productivity and cuts off user access to your sites. Overall, downtime is bad for everyone. In order to prevent major losses to server downtime, developers need to take a number of systematic […]

How to Scale Your WordPress Site by Hosting It on AWS

Setting up an AWS instance to host your WordPress sites can mean better speed and more bandwidth to accommodate your publishing dreams. Self-hosting can be much more cost-effective, but you’ll be in charge of everything, including keeping AWS updated and providing AWS security for your site. Here’s a guide for spinning up WordPress on AWS […]

Web Hosting Providers for Common Backend Languages

Building your own website does not usually require a backend programming language. Simple HTML/CSS files are enough to get your content online. But in the modern era of web design it is more typical for webmasters to launch a project using some type of CMS(Content Management System). These are built on a number of popular […]

WordPress Blogs: Changing Hosts the Easy Way

If you’re having doubts about moving to a new host, either for reliability reasons or just because you’ve outgrown your current one, this might help you out. The built in tools in WordPress makes that database hassle a breeze, and here’s how.

Tim Dorr

The founder and owner of A Small Orange Software (our host) & php coder Tim Dorr gives us an insight into his life.

Choosing A Host

A strategy guide to choosing the right host. Don’t leave your site stranded.

Get Yourself Some Prizes

Finally, Devlounge presents the first contest of many. To kick things off, we’re giving away two killer hosting prizes plus advertising on an internet radio site. What a way to drive your mint stats crazy. Interested? Of course you are. Get started. Prizes provided by Developmenthost & Teksterradio.