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Design Focus: Websites are Made of These

Metaphors are a cornerstone of design, but what if the design itself shows the tools and components used to build a website? The result is an interesting “x-ray” into the web design process, as seen in this week’s featured sites.

Design Focus: New Age Editors

Check out these modern tools that will help you build websites faster and better than ever before, and the design patterns they employed for their landing pages—from animations to familiar color schemes.

Friday Focus 09/02/11: Over the Moon

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that incorporate the moon in them.

Friday Focus 05/13/11: Isometric Buildings

This week’s designs feature illustrations with the isometric perspective in them, giving the sites an interesting birds-eye view.

Friday Focus 03/25/11: Sassy Sliders

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that use smart, stunning slideshow techniques that are sure to inspire you. Take some notes!

High Quality HTML and CSS Templates

Following the last two posts on forms, I’m now listing 10 fresh HTML and CSS templates. They are ideal for implementing a modern form, while not all templates listed here are HTML5, you can replace the old doctype for the newest, <!DOCTYPE html>, supporting HTML5. After all remember that the new doctype is backwards compatible. […]

Friday Focus 11/19/10: Shelf Love

Last week I mentioned a site that uses a shelf as a nice metaphor for holding content, so let’s look at several more in this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 10/22/10: Beautiful Data

Pie charts and graphs have never looked sexier with their integration into these websites. It’s beautiful data visualizations on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/03/10: Ribbons

Using ribbons is really big these days, bringing both sophistication and a hint of nostalgia to designs.

Friday Focus 06/04/10: Workspaces

This week on Friday Focus: websites that mimic a typical designer’s workspace, beverage, gadgets, litter, and all.

Friday Focus 05/07/10: Power Lines

This week on Friday Focus: website designs that use strong lines to guide the eye in navigating around them.

Friday Focus 11/20/09: You’re My Type

We love our fonts around these parts, so here’s another batch for this week’s Friday Focus featuring excellent typography, and nothing but.