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Design Focus: Noir & Suspense

For all the clean and minimalist designs out there are sites that evoke a dark, brooding, adventurous mood with illustrations, light, and even sound. The ones featured below also carry that noir, vintage feel.

Design Focus: Drag Around

These featured websites want you to drag their interfaces to navigate. Is it a better design decision or not? Let’s find out, shall we?

Design Focus: Personal Reports

Our last set of inspirational sites for the year should encourage you to keep a record of your daily dealings and look back on them fondly in an annual infographic report format.

Design Focus: Great Deals

Here’s a treat for the Thanksgiving and the holiday season that’s ramping up: freebies, bundles, and deals to help you create beautiful designs, all showcased on inspiring sites to boot.

Design Focus: Of A Feather

In the spotlight this week are designs incorporating illustrations of birds in them. Let’s see how these sites featured our feathered friends.

Design Focus: Vines

Our featured designs for this week are of the creeping variety, a very popular design element for years now.

Design Focus: Tableaus

This week’s featured designs feature illustrations that set the mood and message of the product they’re peddling, much like a tableau.

Design Focus: Horizontal Storytelling

This week’s featured designs use the not-so-common method of horizontal scrolling to tell their stories, each screenful a page or idea to absorb on your way to getting to know them fully.

Design Focus: Book Figures

This week’s crop of design inspiration all carry a traditional, handcrafted air about them with illustrations used in textbooks, journals, and storybooks.

Friday Focus 05/04/12: Comic Book Style

This week’s Friday Focus shines the spotlight on designs with comic book-inspired aesthetic, each with its distinct take on the kick-butt art form. Check ’em out after the jump!

Friday Focus 12/02/11: Like A Modern Day Leonardo

Happy December Friday Focus! This week’s featured designs contain sketches and diagrams with a scientific slant, quite reminiscent of the drawings that Leonardo Da Vinci was renowned for.

Friday Focus 10/07/11: All Mapped Out

This week’s Friday Focus features designs revolving around maps, both as embellishment and a tool.