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Design Focus: Light & Shadow

Mesmerizing interactions of light and shadow are on display for this week’s feature.

Design Focus: Interactive Resumes

These days it’s not enough for a web designer to have resumes or curriculum vitae like they usually do. If anything, it’s the best avenue to put their best foot forward and show off the skills that they’ve got to potential new bosses.

Friday Focus 06/26/09: Interactive Backgrounds

Backgrounds are so called for a reason. They’re meant to support and complement instead of attract and distract. This week’s featured sites, however, provide a whole other level of interactivity and usefulness to backgrounds. You decide if they’re a good idea or not. Either way, they’re interesting concepts that can only be executed on the Web, so, enjoy!

Friday Focus 06/27/08: Cute, Cheerful, Horizontal Scrolling Sites

This week’s picks are cute, cheerful, and all scroll horizontally. Let’s see how they pulled off this layout technique.