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Andy Sowards, Your All-Around Web Guy

Andy Sowards is your all-around web designer and developer. In this interview, he talks about his 12,000 Twitter followers, making it in the indsutry without any formal training, and juggling his work and family.

Contemporary and Elegant: An Interview With Tanya Merone

Tanya Merone is a graphic designer based in New York. She professes to be deeply in love with her trade and it shows in the artistry she pours in her work.She specializes in elegant, creative designs – her trademark in the design world.

Randa Clay On Breaking Barriers

Randa Clay is a 39-year old mother of two noisy boys. She used to be an opera singer too! However, she took a sharp career turn when she left her cozy marketing job six years ago to build a name for herself in the design industry.

The Passionate Sabrina Dent

Sabrina Dent is a strong-willed, no-nonsense pixel pusher based in Ireland. Reading through her awesome blog will easily tell you that.

Friday Focus 01/02/09: Impeccable One Page Sites

Happy New Year, dear Devloungers! For our first Friday Focus of 2009, I have one-page websites that are impeccable not only in their design detail, but also in their presentation. They’re answers to the question “why make Flash sites when you can have these?” and Jason Santa Maria’s challenge to us to add art direction in our websites. And these are some of the best sites I’ve seen.

Tim Dorr

The founder and owner of A Small Orange Software (our host) & php coder Tim Dorr gives us an insight into his life.

Lokesh Dhakar

Lokesh Dhakar, the developer of the revolutionary Lightbox JS image script, and owner of stops by to “enlighten us” with the bigger picture of lightbox and his life.