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How to Ace your Next Web Developer Interview

You don’t need anyone to tell you that web development is a crowded industry. This is especially true when you’re forced to go head-to-head with cheap overseas labor and other online entrepreneurs. However, there are still plenty of jobs for you – you just can’t afford to mess up the interview process. In fact, you […]

Jonathan Snook

Today we are joined by Jonathan Snook, of, Withcake, Haylia, and the Sidebar Creative. DL: I assume a good portion of my audience knows who you are, but care to introduce yourself and share some facts about yourself with us? Jonathan Snook: My name is Jonathan Snook and I’m a web designer/developer based out […]

Fernando Lins

Devlounge: Welcome Fernando! It’s a pleasure to be chatting with you today; I’ve been a fan for a long time. For our casual reader, mind introducing yourself? Fernando Lins: Sure, my name is Fernando Lins, I’m 20 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. Currently I study Graphic Design at the Belas Artes […]

Craig Elimeliah of Firstborn

Today we sit down and ask some questions to Craig of Firstborn Multimedia, an excellent flash design that puts out some truly excellent and fun work. Q: Hello Craig, how’s everything going? Mind introducing yourself along with Firstborn to all of our readers? My name is Craig Elimeliah, I am a producer at Firstborn Multimedia. […]

The Digg Crew

The much anticipated interview with various members of the Digg staff team is finally here! We thank the ever busy development team for taking the time to give us some responses. Q: What’s the best part of working for a young company? Is it the same as an everyday job, or is it more fun […]

Rina Miele

In this interview I go one-on-one with a designer I worked with a few years ago, before I was any good at design at all. Rina Miele of Honey Design stops by to talk design with me. Devlounge: Hello Rina – thanks for giving up some time to answer some questions for us and let […]

Upcoming Q&A With Digg

We will be hosting an upcoming interview with the crew behind Digg, and we need your input! This will be a user-generated interview, where will take the best 6-8 questions and send them in to Digg for response. Multiple digg staffers will be contributing, so nows the time to ask away! Please leave your questions […]

Interviews – My Turn

A little odd to be on this side of the ball, but our buddies at Fadtastic recently conducted and interview with me. We discuss a lot of different things, including the reason behind the creation of Devlounge, tips for young designers, the issue of age vs surving on the web, a few other topics. It […]

Nicolò Volpato

Italy brings a lot more than some wonderful Italian food, because they also bring our friend Nicolò Volpato. An excellent designer and one of my favorites because of how classy he is, chats with us about his work and design in general in 2006. Devlounge: Hello Nick, how’s it going? Thanks for taking some time […]

Shaun Andrews

Fresh off the press comes our latest interview, this time with Shaun Andrews, designer and XHTML & CSS Genius, and time tracking master. A little late, but who can blame him when you have a look at all the sites he’s involved with! Devlounge: Hello Shaun, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to […]

Interview Triple Play #1

Audio versions of our interviews with Matt Davies, Paul Scrivens, and Ryan Sims. The first in our new podcasting feature. You’ll see much more content being turned into audio, and original interviews in one one one audio format. Stay tuned!

Matt Davies

Who’s behind the “Attitude” of Attitude Design? Find out in this insightful interview with the talented young designer Matt Davies.