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Friday Focus 09/26/08: Unmistakably Girly Illustrations

We have unmistakably girly illustrations here on this week’s Friday Focus! Girl power, baby!

Friday Focus 08/29/08: Texture and Personality

This week on Friday Focus: websites with a fair amount of texture and a lot of personality.

Friday Focus 07/18/08: Elegant, Exquisite, Extreme Details

Elegant, exquisite, and extreme details on these sites that are sure to please. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Creating a Photo Gallery Using jQuery and the MT Asset Manager

The Movable Type Asset Manager is a great way to organize your blog photos, but it doesn’t include a way to show them off. In this tutorial, learn how to combine the Asset Manager with a JavaScript photo gallery to easily create a great-looking photos page for your blog.

Friday Focus 06/13/08: A Dark Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s celebrate this eerie date with some dark designs.

Ajax on Rails – Prototype vs JQuery

When you unpack your shiny new version of Rails and generate your first Ajax link, you are using the Prototype library. It’s beautiful to use. It adds many Rails-like constructs into the JavaScript language, e.g. the each method to iterate a closure over an array. Sexy stuff. But, how do you create a hover effect without using prototype?