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Friday Focus 12/23/11: Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of the year once more, so let’s soak up some Christmas cheer with these designs. Happy Christmas Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 03/12/10: Grit & Grime

Going dirty has never looked this good! It’s grungy websites this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/11/09: Mostly Cloudy

What is it about clouds that instantly transports us to a happy place? This week on Friday Focus, we’re featuring designs with white, fluffy clumps of water vapor in them.

Friday Focus 06/26/09: Interactive Backgrounds

Backgrounds are so called for a reason. They’re meant to support and complement instead of attract and distract. This week’s featured sites, however, provide a whole other level of interactivity and usefulness to backgrounds. You decide if they’re a good idea or not. Either way, they’re interesting concepts that can only be executed on the Web, so, enjoy!

Friday Focus 01/02/09: Impeccable One Page Sites

Happy New Year, dear Devloungers! For our first Friday Focus of 2009, I have one-page websites that are impeccable not only in their design detail, but also in their presentation. They’re answers to the question “why make Flash sites when you can have these?” and Jason Santa Maria’s challenge to us to add art direction in our websites. And these are some of the best sites I’ve seen.

Lokesh Dhakar

Lokesh Dhakar, the developer of the revolutionary Lightbox JS image script, and owner of stops by to “enlighten us” with the bigger picture of lightbox and his life.