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Friday Focus 07/30/10: Centered Seals

Sites usually place logos at the top left corner of the page, but nudge them to the center and it makes quite an impact, as a red wax seal does on a white letter envelope. Let’s check out sites with centered logos on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/26/08: Unmistakably Girly Illustrations

We have unmistakably girly illustrations here on this week’s Friday Focus! Girl power, baby!

Constructing the Perfect Logo

Logos are the keys to success – the starting point for branding of any kind. But how can you put one together that stands out, and creates an original rememberable icon for your site? Today, we’re breaking down some of the best rated logos on Colin and David’s Logopond, and focusing on what makes them great. We’ll also take a look at more larger, well known logos, and see what has made them work.