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Prepare for the Fall Reboot

With the 2006 Fall CSS Reboot about to get underway in the next couple of weeks, what better way to get your design senses flowing well with the latest season by using this helpful guide. In it we’ll point out some colors and techniques that you can have a much easier time getting away with using different the fall than any other season.

Matt Brett back in black

In a random turn of events, Matt Brett has brought back the classic black design, with the addition of some css updates and tweaks. I, for one, am glad to see the black back. While I liked the pink and white, the black really gave it the Matt Brett feel. Plus, grunge always looks better […]

Democracy Player

Is Democracy Player really all it’s cracked up to be? We review the DPlayer after its early months.

Matt Brett Reboot’s

Matt Brett has released the May 1st Reboot a day early. The new design sports the clean white, while keeping to the traditional Matt Brett Grunge style. The design features a lot of dynamic features, including recent tracks, Xbox Live Gamer Tag information, and currently playing games, as well as tidbits of the most […]

Matt Brett

Most of you have probably heard of Matt Brett, whose blog ( is very popular and is part of the 9rules Network. Although recently, Matt Brett has become more known after starting a popular standard for feed icons which is currently being spread and used everywhere. DL: Hey Matt, please introduce yourself and tell us […]