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Friday Focus 03/23/12: Toned Down

While I for one am a fan of all things colorful, I also appreciate these almost monochromatic, sepia and gray dominated that give an air of seriousness meets style.

Friday Focus 12/12/08: How To Build Great Websites

This week’s Friday Focus feature sites that don’t only looks great, but tell you how to build great-looking websites as well!

Friday Focus 07/11/08: Blue-Gray

Happy free 7-11 Slurpy day! Happy iPhone 3G day! Let’s celebrate with some sleek websites this week. They’re mostly blue, gray, blue-gray—that seemingly drab section of the spectrum actually manages to turn up excellent designs, so don’t shun it just yet! Oh, and we have a ton of examples this time, so brace yourself!

Friday Focus 07/05/08: Bursts of Color and Collapsible Content

Welcome to the first Friday Focus for the month of July. This week: strong bursts of color and collapsible content. Curious combination? Read on!

Friday Focus 05/30/08: Quick Descriptions

What’s the lesson for this week? Describe the purpose of your website in one fell swoop and you’ll go a long way. Of course, it helps to have a great design as well.