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Three WordPress alternatives for your blog

These blogging systems are definitely worth a look.

Print-Friendly Movable Type Templates, Part 2: Dynamic Publishing

Last time, we learned how to create great looking print versions of our posts in Movable Type. This time, we take that same look and move it from static to dynamic publishing.

Creating a Print-Friendly Template in Movable Type

Taking inspiration from a WordPress plugin, we show you how to create a truly print-friendly post template for your Movable Type blog.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using The Sandbox Theme

Have you looked at the Sandbox Theme, but decided not to use it after all? Or perhaps never heard of it? Then maybe you should rethink your position. Dustin tells you why.

Things to Consider When Using Movable Type as a CMS

Blog software is often used to power more than just blogs, and it seems each new release of Movable Type brings more CMS-style features. Here, we take a look at the good, bad, and strange things you can expect when running an entire site with MT.

MT 4.2 Brings New Features, Some Gotchas

Movable Type 4.2 is here! The new version promises better performance and a ton of new features. Find out what features are most exciting and what changes to look out for if you’re upgrading.

Enhance Search Results with Thumbnails

Looking to make your search results page a little more user-friendly? Let’s look at how we can improve Movable Type’s default search page with some images.

Make Your Blog More Evergreen with Movable Type

Timestamps are standard on blog posts, but over time they can make posts seem “past their prime” when they’re really not. Learn how to de-emphasize the age of your blog entries with Movable Type.

Keep a Featured Post at the Top of Your MT Blog

Not quite ready for your feature-length article to get pushed below the fold by more recent link posts? In this tutorial, learn how to keep a post “stuck” at the top of your Movable Type blog.

Creating a Photo Gallery Using jQuery and the MT Asset Manager

The Movable Type Asset Manager is a great way to organize your blog photos, but it doesn’t include a way to show them off. In this tutorial, learn how to combine the Asset Manager with a JavaScript photo gallery to easily create a great-looking photos page for your blog.

Optimal Includes for Movable Type

There are ways to include files, and there are ways to include files, in Movable Type. The standard way certainly gets the job done, but it’s pretty slow when posting updates. Luckily, Billy knows the solution, and shares his template code with us in this tutorial.

Spam Protection Solutions for WordPress and Movable Type

Tired of all the spam hitting your blog? Haven’t figured out how to stop it yet? Then this round-up is for you. Implement these plugins, and ease up on your spam management time.