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Firebug and Myspace, Part Two

My short sidenote on using Firebug to download streaming songs from Myspace has turned into somewhat of a circus. Many people have been trying a bit too hard to get downloads to work. This rewrite eliminates some steps thanks to some comments by some users who found easier ways to get the songs, without all […]

Using Firebug to download songs from Myspace

Ah yes, one of our favorite things (Firebug) can be used to workaround song downloads on one of our most least favorite sites in the web world – Myspace. There have been previous solutions all over the place for downloading any song off of Myspace, but just about every solution has been blocked with time. […]

Why MySpace Won The Social Networking War

It wasn’t MySpace’s supposed star management that brought it to the top. It wasn’t MySpace’s UI design or (especially) the code. The only thing that made MySpace what it was today was the terrible coding of MySpace’s programmers and the natural urge of teenagers to make what’s theirs theirs.