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Design Focus: Vines

Our featured designs for this week are of the creeping variety, a very popular design element for years now.

Design Focus: Neck of the Woods

We’re going on a camping trip this week and exploring designs that feature beautiful scenery featuring trees.

Friday Focus 07/30/10: Centered Seals

Sites usually place logos at the top left corner of the page, but nudge them to the center and it makes quite an impact, as a red wax seal does on a white letter envelope. Let’s check out sites with centered logos on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 07/16/10: The Many Faces of Paper

The many different textures, colors, and treatments for paper allow infinite possibilities for their use in websites. Not one of these designs look remotely alike, and that keeps things very interesting. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 06/18/10: Layered Screens

Showing screenshots of websites on websites isn’t terribly exciting in theory, but let’s see how these designs dealt with it.

Friday Focus 03/26/10: Full Bloom

Let’s celebrate the new season with stunning designs that display the best nature has to offer. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 01/01/10: Let the adventures begin!

Welcome to the first Friday Focus of the year and the new decade! Here are some fantastically designed websites that should inspire you to be more daring and adventurous than ever starting right now. Ready?

Friday Focus 06/05/09: Nature’s Delights

Nature-inspired websites come by the dozen these days, but this week’s featured designs up the ante. They’re really lovely, I promise!

Friday Focus 11/07/08: Creative Vegetation

It’s creative use of vegetation this week on Friday Focus. Are you ready to grow a green thumb?

Friday Focus 09/12/08: Metaphorical Designs

We have a bunch of metaphorical designs on Friday Focus this week: sites whose looks you can immediately tie to the product or purpose they’re “selling”.

What Inspires Design?

Design inspiration comes from all around us: nature, music, personal and public events, and the lives around us. Everyone of us takes our design experience and builds it from the multitude of different places we gain inspiration from.