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Design Focus: Dots & Circles

Emulating the circular form is always an intriguing exercise because of its technical and aesthetic challenges, especially on the Web. So every year it’s a delight to see designs that explore the “perfect shape” and take it to the next level.

Design Focus: Circular Navigation

Circular motifs are very much alive these days, and your site will stand out even more when used as a navigational interface.

Design Focus: Rotated Side Text

Another text-y trend this week: these ones appear on the edges of the page, either as navigation markers, or links to menus & subsections, all oriented perpendicularly. Is this an alternative to the hamburger menu in tucking away off-canvas navigation, a smart way in highliting important site features, or a cumbersome way of displaying text?

Design Focus: Building Navigation

This week we’re featuring designs that use buildings to represent parts of their site’s navigation. Does this interaction design technique make browsing around more effective? Let’s find out.

Design Focus: You Are Here

Navigation is an essential element of websites, and this week’s featured designs have the responsive, clever kind that indicate which part of the page you’re currently at. Check out how these responsive navigation markers were integrated below.

Design Focus: Bike Sites

It’s time to get fit and go on an adventure with these cycling sites. Are they as sleek and smart as the wares they’re peddling? Let’s go find out!

Friday Focus 01/06/12: Look Alive!

Our first Friday Focus for the New Year is all about animated designs, a bit on the subtle side but sure to pique your interest nonetheless.

12 Old and New CSS Menu Techniques

A navigation menu, something unmissable in all websites, one of the most important factor besides content. You can have a simple navigation or a very intricate one, design and code wise. Once I learned some key navigation techniques I went on to learn how to work around WordPress generated navigation to still be able to […]

Friday Focus 09/24/10: The One Page Experience

Some of the most interesting interactions I’ve seen done on websites utilize the one page format. Is it because there are fewer pages, fewer elements that should be easier to manipulate? Enjoy these one page wonders on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/20/10: Skylines

This week on Friday Focus: designs that feature artistic renderings of skyscrapers and other features of a long landscape. See how they’re incorporated below.

Friday Focus 07/23/10: Bento Boxes

This week on Friday Focus: websites whose content are arranged into boxes like those cute bento meals. This time, you must think inside the box!

Friday Focus 06/25/10: Kid-Friendly

No, these websites aren’t just for the little ones, but their designs certainly have a child-focused appeal to them. Check out the elements that make up a Kid-Friendly look on this week’s Friday Focus.