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Friday Focus 04/27/12: Bento Navigation

We’ve featured bento-style layouts before, and this week’s Friday Focus zones in on navigation that carries that same property. Check ’em out!

Friday Focus 08/26/11: Guilloché

The featured designs in this week’s Friday Focus have something subtle in common: thin, repeating patterns you often see in important documents such as bills, checks, and passports, known as guilloché, and similar to the patterns generated by spirographs.

Friday Focus 11/05/10: The Great Outdoors

Imagery that will kindle your spirit of adventure is this week’s Friday Focus. After this, go outside and play!

Friday Focus 04/23/10: Breaking Boundaries

This week’s crop features designs that literally break out of the box. Time for this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 01/08/10: Red

Who’s in the mood for some red designs this week? Let’s start the show!

Friday Focus 10/30/09: Orange for Halloween

We have some pumpkin-colored sites this week on Friday Focus, just in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

Friday Focus 12/26/08: Attention-Grabbing Headers

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration! This Friday we’re going to look at whimsical, chaotic, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink headers that will certainly grab your attention.