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The web has gone a long way since its inception and its future is now being decided by major stakeholders including the active users. But as in any decision-making process, there are conflicting opinions and objections to what’s being proposed. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the body that will decide on the web’s […]

Bloatware: How to Avoid Bloating Your Application

There’s always a risk of bloating your application, no matter if it is a web app, or traditional software, especially over time. This column talks about what you need to think about when developing and maintaining a large software project.

Things to Consider Before Releasing Something

Are you releasing your work to the community? Scripts, plugins for blogging software, design templates, fully fledged open source platforms? Then this is the checklist for you, to save time, avoid stupid questions, and make life easier for both user and developer.