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Do Web Designers Still Matter in Today’s Online World?

Web designers arguably bear the sole responsibility of connecting small businesses and start-ups to the online world. It doesn’t matter if the owner has a sound online plan in place for his business if their site design is unappealing and takes time to load. In order to ensure that their plans will come into fruition, therefore, business […]

Guest Blogging, Woe and Dismay

Recently, more and more blogs are voicing their not-so constructive thoughts on guest blogging. What’s the beef? Some say the quality just isn’t there, but whose fault is that? You know, having another blogger write an article for you doesn’t have to be a half-assed attempt at link bait. Guest blogging is to write, free […]

5 Tell Tale Signs You Don’t Know How to Design

Just having some fun today in a random Sunday post to help expand our “Commentary” section. Today, I’m taking on the tough issues – the ones that really irk the hell out of me when I see them used by a lot of the so called “design” community, many times in forums. So, do you […]

Methods for Marketing Your Site

Outside of content, site growth can be directly affected by when, how, and where you market your site. There are all types of forms in which this can achieved: banner advertisements, text link ads, and viral advertisements. Then of course, there are the alternative methods – the so called hit and SEO boosters, or even […]

Blog Networks and What Could Have Been

It was a crisp May day when I first submitted an infant Devlounge into the mass pile of applications that was the 9rules Round 4 submission period. 24 hours of craziness, which, when it was all said and done, led to somewhere around 700 submissions of applicants just like myself hoping to nudge their way […]

Spec Work: Good or Bad?

The concept of “Spec Work” is one that is constantly thrown around in the design world, and became even more evident during our refresh contest, in which, despite a large reader base, we received just one entry. For this article (or more of a opinionated piece), I take a look at why people hate spec […]