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Friday Focus 08/26/11: Guilloché

The featured designs in this week’s Friday Focus have something subtle in common: thin, repeating patterns you often see in important documents such as bills, checks, and passports, known as guilloché, and similar to the patterns generated by spirographs.

Friday Focus 04/22/11: Designs for Designers

This week’s Friday Focus is a little meta: a combination of useful guides and tools geared towards designers and developers all wrapped in inspiring designs.

Friday Focus 04/15/11: Moving Backgrounds

This week on Friday Focus, we’re looking at some sites that employ subtle, unobtrusive animation in their backgrounds.

Friday Focus 01/14/11: Coffee Break

It’s all about coffee this week on Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 10/08/10: Event Websites

Possibly one of the most exciting website genres out there, we’re focusing on event sites this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/24/10: The One Page Experience

Some of the most interesting interactions I’ve seen done on websites utilize the one page format. Is it because there are fewer pages, fewer elements that should be easier to manipulate? Enjoy these one page wonders on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/17/10: Scallops and Shears

This week on Friday Focus: designs adorned with the timeless patterns of scalloping and sheared edges.

Friday Focus 08/27/10: (Mostly) Black and White

I’ve noticed a lot of designs with a mostly black and white color palette lately, and not just for site types you’d expect. Is the colorful, rainbow trend being phased out with something more classic? Are people tired of safe, middle-ground gray? Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/20/10: Skylines

This week on Friday Focus: designs that feature artistic renderings of skyscrapers and other features of a long landscape. See how they’re incorporated below.

Friday Focus 08/13/10: Let Your Garden Grow

This week on Friday Focus: vines, blooms, and other foliage that do a great job of framing your website.

Friday Focus 07/30/10: Centered Seals

Sites usually place logos at the top left corner of the page, but nudge them to the center and it makes quite an impact, as a red wax seal does on a white letter envelope. Let’s check out sites with centered logos on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 07/16/10: The Many Faces of Paper

The many different textures, colors, and treatments for paper allow infinite possibilities for their use in websites. Not one of these designs look remotely alike, and that keeps things very interesting. Happy Friday Focus!