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Friday Focus 11/11/11: Happening Today

We’re curating a short list of sites celebrating this lovely date. Happy 11-11-11 Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 09/23/11: The Dip

Happy Friday Focus! Today we’re looking at designs with a bit of a “dip” in them—one content area leading into another with a nice little curve. Can you spot them? Read on!

Friday Focus 06/24/11: Pixel Focus

This Friday Focus we’re putting a spotlight on designs that exaggerate pixel sizes for a mosaic, rugged look.

Friday Focus 11/05/10: The Great Outdoors

Imagery that will kindle your spirit of adventure is this week’s Friday Focus. After this, go outside and play!

Friday Focus 04/09/10: User-Generated Galleries

This week on Friday Focus: designs that prominently feature user-submitted content, particularly images. How do you prevent monotony and preserve quality on these sites? Let’s find out.

Friday Focus 05/08/09: 8-Bit Retro

Everything old is new again this week on Friday Focus. This week: some 8-bit retro inspired websites!