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Design Focus: Interactive Resumes

These days it’s not enough for a web designer to have resumes or curriculum vitae like they usually do. If anything, it’s the best avenue to put their best foot forward and show off the skills that they’ve got to potential new bosses.

Design Focus: Tidy Grid Portfolios

Grids are an absolute must when building any design, but this week’s featured sites apply the rhythm of an even grid to lay out their portfolios, becoming the first and pretty much only thing you see when you come visit them. The result is a very neat look—or perhaps stark to other pairs of eyes—but very honest.

Friday Focus 09/25/09: Circles

This week on Friday Focus, we have websites that feature circular shapes prominently in their designs. Time to break out of the boxiness and round things up!

Friday Focus 07/05/08: Bursts of Color and Collapsible Content

Welcome to the first Friday Focus for the month of July. This week: strong bursts of color and collapsible content. Curious combination? Read on!

Friday Focus 06/13/08: A Dark Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s celebrate this eerie date with some dark designs.

Portfolios – What I’ve Learned

Welcome to another addition of my column, which has yet to be named. I must apologize before I go into this column. For those who remember, I released a previous column a few months back, and like various other columnists appeared to drop off the planet. Unfortunately, a few issues in life came at me […]