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Design Critique: The John Chow Redesign

It is time for another design critique post. This time I’m taking a closer look at the new John Chow dot Com design. Read my verdict, and then share your own.

Design Critique: The TechCrunch Redesign

When TechCrunch redesigns, the blogosphere pays attention. Then it comments on it, with either snarky negative thoughts, or salutations of the brilliance of Michael Arrington. I thought I’d take a look myself.

Friday Focus 08/08/08: User Generated Goodness

08/08/08—what a date for today’s Friday Focus! Aside from celebrating the start of the Beijing Olympics, how about enjoying some user-generated goodness for our sites this week?

Welcome to the New Devlounge

The new version of Devlounge is here, sparkling new and smelling of plastic and still air, in a good way hopefully. While there is yet things to be done, this is you guide to the site, with visions, ideas, and plans for the coming week. Welcome to the new Devlounge!

The Devlounge Redesign: Sneak Peak #1

The next version of Devlounge is around the corner, and naturally I want to share my thoughts on how we’ll be categorizing the content in the future. This is the first sneak peak post (of several), where we look at how the categories will be reformed to fit Devlounge. What do you think?

10 Common Mistakes In Redesign

Time for yet another redesign? There are do’s and dont’s when it comes to that, you know. The key to a successful redesign is, besides actually adding something with it (even if it’s just a visual brushup), is handling it right. Because you know, there are a lot of things that can mess it all up and make it a nasty experience.

The Next Devlounge Design: Mockup #3

It’s time for another mockup in the Devlounge redesign series. This time we’re moving to the single posts, and also discussing altering the sidebar on select pages. Take a look, and chip in with your thoughts on the next Devlounge design!

The Next Devlounge Design: Mockup #2

The second mockup of the next Devlounge design is here, finally. Take a look and share your thoughts with is so that we can make it even better.

The Next Devlounge Design: Mockup #1

There’s a new Devlounge design in the works, and naturally we want to know what you guys think. This is the first of several posts where you’ll be able to share your point of view on the course Devlounge is taking, design-wise.

Design Mold Status: Broken!

I decided to put my money – or rather, my design – where my mouth is, and break my design mold. This resulted in a dark site instead of light, with a big header and everything. How did I do? The verdict’s inside.

The Next Devlounge Design – Have Your Say!

We have started planning for the next Devlounge design, and naturally we’d want to hear from the readers. This is your chance to be part of the redesign from the start, and help us take the right step to an even better Devlounge. Plans, visions, and more in this post – have your say about them!

The Redesign Process: Part Deux

Start back at start It was almost a year ago when the first Redesign Process article was published. At the time I had just finished wrapping up and releasing Devlounge 2, the theme that actually was just released for free to the WordPress community. It felt like such a refresher, such a change, and a […]