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Design Focus: Retro Futura

This Friday we’re featuring an interesting typographic trend: designs with a union, vintage feel, featuring lots of blacks and grays, textures, thick borders, uppercase, and letter spacing.

Friday Focus 04/27/12: Bento Navigation

We’ve featured bento-style layouts before, and this week’s Friday Focus zones in on navigation that carries that same property. Check ’em out!

Friday Focus 12/30/11: Blast from the Past

The last Friday Focus of the year goes back in time before we move into the future. Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday Focus 08/19/11: Retro Fit to Print

This week’s crop of website designs boast of stunning typography and that vintage poster look, it almost feels like you’re in a different decade, all the while taking advantage of what today’s web technologies have to offer. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 09/10/10: Light Streaks

They’re a bit more abstract than sunbursts and are often used to break the horizontal and vertical lines that run throughout the design. Enjoy some subtle light streaks this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/18/09: Airplanes

If last week we had clouds, this week we have planes! We’re keeping things up in the air this week on Friday Focus. (Still lots of clouds though.)

Friday Focus 05/08/09: 8-Bit Retro

Everything old is new again this week on Friday Focus. This week: some 8-bit retro inspired websites!

Friday Focus 02/13/09: Blocky and 3D

It’s blocky and 3-dimensional designs this week on Friday Focus. Oh, and Happy Valentines’ Day!

Friday Focus 12/19/08: Merry Christmas!

Christmas is less than a week away, so let’s stick to that theme on this week’s Friday Focus. Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday Focus 09/12/08: Metaphorical Designs

We have a bunch of metaphorical designs on Friday Focus this week: sites whose looks you can immediately tie to the product or purpose they’re “selling”.

Friday Focus 06/20/08: Retro Robots and Rainbows

It’s all retro this week on Friday Focus—robots and rainbows on the design horizon. You’re sure to have a blast with the designs below. Enjoy!