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Web Hosting Providers for Common Backend Languages

Building your own website does not usually require a backend programming language. Simple HTML/CSS files are enough to get your content online. But in the modern era of web design it is more typical for webmasters to launch a project using some type of CMS(Content Management System). These are built on a number of popular […]

Review: Logomyway

A review on Logomyway, a design contest service that connects Clients and Designers.

Review: BrowserSeal Cross-Browser Screenshot Tool

How well does BrowserSeal, the “fastest multi browser website screenshot tool”, work?

Monetize Your Site by Reviewing Products You Already Use

If you want to make some extra money from your site, an effective monetization method is reviewing products that help you with your web work.

Friday Focus #51

We are now just one week out from the first anniversary of Friday Focus. It’s kind of weird to be sitting here thinking how quickly a year has really gone by…but I’ll get into all this reflection stuff next week. Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone. Next weekend is November. Sites of the Week DreamsDrive is […]

A Preview of TNX: A New Text Link Service

I was recently asked to review a new text link marketplace, called TNX (“Thanks”). They use a point system to allow advertisers to buy link space on sites. Take a look and see what I thought during my quick run through.

Friday Focus #41

Friday focus…but it’s not even Friday! Please excuse me for a rather late Friday Focus this week. It was the first time in a while that I didn’t pre-write the focus on Thursday, and when yesterday came around, I was out most of the day. Since I’ve wasted enough time getting this one going, let’s […]

Friday Focus #31

Here we are with only a few more weeks left in May, and we get closer and closer to the brand spanking new Devlounge design and a ton of new features. Friday Focuses will play a much bigger impact in the next version of Devlounge (slated for early – mid June), so you can continue […]

Friday Focus #30

Number thirty! Enjoy the weekend everyone. Sites of the Week Starting this week off is Unfortunate. This site makes the list because I really like the idea, and I think it’s pretty fun. The site itself isn’t bad either, but I think it’s the originality of the project that gets more vote a bit more. […]

Friday Focus #29

One more week to go before we hit 30 weeks of Friday excitement. Just to let you know, I’m cutting out one site of the week and my weekly “Top Week Submissions” from Digg for this weeks Focus, because I didn’t have time during the week (see “Slow Month“), and since I didn’t do much […]

Friday Focus #28

Here we go with week 28 of Friday Focus, and Ronald is now back to contributing to this weekly madness, where we pick some of the best of the best from the past 7 days. Let’s get to it! Sites of the Week Starting this week off is Flektor. This clean / grunge style design […]

Friday Focus #27

Welcome back for another addition of Friday Focus. Let’s jump right into it this week and not waste any time with silly introductions! Sites of the Week Rock Your Stock begins our list this week with the very green, very money like theme for an investing / financial blog. The design matches the content well, […]