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Sitepoint’s Ruby Book for Free

Just thought I’d make a quick note that Sitepoint has released their Ruby on Rails book titled Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications up for free for the next 60 days. Some of you may remember that we reviewed the sample we were provided of this book, and it looked pretty promising. You […]

Build Your Own RoR Web Applications

We’ve all seen it. Any time you visit Sitepoint, you’ve probably been hit with the ad for their Ruby on Rails book, titled “Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications”, by Patrick Lenz. Dubbed as “The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Ruby On Rails”, I figured the book was pretty good. This review takes a look at just that.

Molehill: Rich Text Editor for App

Molehill, creators of Tick, are looking for someone to build a rich text editor for a future web application. Details are below: Molehill requires a rich text editor to be embedded in a Ruby on Rails application. Users will use the editor to format content and upon submission, HTML will be posted back to the […]

Ruby On Rails – Short Intro

A short developers introduction to Ruby On Rails.