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Friday Focus 07/16/10: The Many Faces of Paper

The many different textures, colors, and treatments for paper allow infinite possibilities for their use in websites. Not one of these designs look remotely alike, and that keeps things very interesting. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 12/11/09: Sunbursts

This week, I’ve come across a lot of sites with sunbursts, a specific type of lighting that’s popular with not just the Web 2.0 look anymore. You decide if they’re crucial to the design or not.

Friday Focus 01/30/09: Collages and Scrapbooks

Let’s have some collage and scrapbook style web designs for this week. It’s like the lighter, less angsty grunge!

Friday Focus 12/19/08: Merry Christmas!

Christmas is less than a week away, so let’s stick to that theme on this week’s Friday Focus. Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday Focus 10/17/08: Office Stationery

Let’s take a look at websites that look like they were built with stuff found in your office stationery. Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 08/22/08: Playful One-Page Sites

This week on Friday Focus: one-page sites that sure to tickle your design tastes. They’re both playful and well-made, so enjoy!