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Friday Focus 02/12/10: For Your Wedding!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s try our hand at wedding planning with these nicely designed websites. Whether your status is “single”, “in a relationship”, or “it’s complicated”, there’s no hurt in dreaming up the perfect wedding just like the kids used to do in their notebooks, and what better season than now? Have a lovely Friday Focus, everyone!

Hide Table Rows with onChange()

Gerald Hanks shows us how to hide a line in a table, something that might come in handy in your design. The tool is a pretty simple JavaScript.

Custom Reading Width Beta

Custom Reading Width Beta is specifically geared towards those that have liquid, or full-width layouts. Jakob Nielson already tells us to use a liquid layout, but users at higher resolutions suffer when it comes to reading text on screen. Custom Reading Width, when implemented on a site, allows a user to select the desired reading […]

Inspiration Behind “Custom Reading Width Beta”

“Custom Reading Width Beta” allows users of a particular website to adjust a reading container in order to suit their preferences. In essence, the user can choose the “reading width” of the layout, and also choose whether the behavior of the website is fixed or fluid. My inspiration behind writing the script Custom Reading Width […]