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5 of the Most Effective WordPress Security Tips on the Internet

In an age where hackers prey on small businesses and their websites, it’s more important than ever to ensure your WordPress site is as protected as possible. Thankfully, by addressing a handful of common issues, you can effortlessly increase your overall level of security and diminish your chances of being targeted by these nosy criminals.

How to Choose a VPN Service for Your Own Business

Freelance developers are not a rarity anymore these days, and more and more, freelancers are having to consider what they do as a business. While freelancing is rather different from having a day job, if you want to go legit and actually make a profit, treating what you do as a business is the route […]

Basic PHP Hacks and How to Secure your App

Lately, I have been working on a project with a group of developers that I found. In this modern day, security is a must. Several years ago security wasn’t a big deal, but now is a desperate time, and desperate times call for desperate measures. So let’s secure our apps!

Quick and Dirty Security Fixes Every Online Publisher Should Use

No one wants their site to get hacked, but people still do very little to make it harder for hackers and bots to achieve it. There are a couple of very simple things you can do to protect your site. How many of them are you using today?

Protect Your WordPress WP-Config So You Don’t Get Hacked

Today while at work I was browsing my feeds when I stumbled across a very odd headline: You got h4ck3d! I thought it was a joke. So I went to the website. As you can see from the image, the hack is legit. The author promptly removed the post within a few hours and it […]

Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

If you are managing a WordPress installation and for some reason, maybe a hacker, you no longer have access to your WordPress Administration panel using your user name and password, then it might be time to change that information using WordPress’ database.

WordPress 2.1.3, 2.0.10 Releases

Earlier this morning, the WordPress team put out two new versions to their two separate product lines of WordPress currently supported. The 2.1.x series was updated to 2.1.3, while the 2.0 release was updated to 2.0.10. Both releases fixed minor security issues. Keep in mind, WordPress 2.2 is due in a few weeks, assuming they’re […]

Preventing and Recovering from Server Hacks

Hackers can really bother site owners. Take steps now to prevent site attacks, and we’ll tell you what you can do to recover from them. Don’t let pain in the ass hackers ruin your life or your site. Stop wasting time and start reading this.