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30 Outstanding Progress Illustrations for Icon & Logo Designs

In the past I’ve seen hundreds of progress illustrations related to logos and icons posted onto Dribbble. These are often shared by designers who wish to give some insight towards their creative process. These shots allow us to peek behind the curtain and see how a typical icon is designed from pencil and paper into […]

Friday Focus 12/02/11: Like A Modern Day Leonardo

Happy December Friday Focus! This week’s featured designs contain sketches and diagrams with a scientific slant, quite reminiscent of the drawings that Leonardo Da Vinci was renowned for.

Friday Focus 06/04/10: Workspaces

This week on Friday Focus: websites that mimic a typical designer’s workspace, beverage, gadgets, litter, and all.

Friday Focus 05/27/10: In Your Face Illustrations

This week on Friday Focus: illustrations that appear front and center in these websites, because we want them big, bright, and beautiful.

Friday Focus 01/01/10: Let the adventures begin!

Welcome to the first Friday Focus of the year and the new decade! Here are some fantastically designed websites that should inspire you to be more daring and adventurous than ever starting right now. Ready?