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Design Focus: Deconstructed Sliders

Our featured designs for the week contain slideshows that don’t just animate a page of content at a time, but breaks down each into their components, then animate them into the viewport one at a time.

Friday Focus 03/16/12: Wide Slides

Slideshows are a staple in websites but the possibilities for them never end. This week’s Friday Focus features designs that revolve around its full-width sliders, making for an engaging conversation with the audience.

Friday Focus 01/06/12: Look Alive!

Our first Friday Focus for the New Year is all about animated designs, a bit on the subtle side but sure to pique your interest nonetheless.

Friday Focus 03/25/11: Sassy Sliders

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that use smart, stunning slideshow techniques that are sure to inspire you. Take some notes!

The Top: 12 Best jQuery Image Galleries

There are countless of jQuery image galleries out there, we gathered the best ones for you.