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Friday Focus 02/01/08

Continuing on last week’s success, I figured I would give the Friday Focus another go, and will hopefully be continuing until told otherwise. I hope you enjoy my picks of the week. Designs of the Week Lately, I have been seeing many designs implementing space or star images to their designs. The design is darker […]

Friday Focus 01/25/08

Another Friday Focus coming your way this week. The first one of 2008, and what I think to be one of the first not done by AJ, as he is a busy man, so I figured I would try to fill his shoes when it comes to the focus for a while. Things will mostly […]

Friday Focus 11/30/07

Hey everyone, Friday Focus is back. I’m sure you’ve been hanging off the edge of your seat after dealing with a tough week without the focus last week. Well, no more worrying to do now. Hopefully everyone that was celebrating Thanksgiving last week enjoyed the holiday and any kind of vacation that may had have, […]

Friday Focus 11/16/07

How’s it going everyone? The focus is a little late this week because I didn’t get a chance to pre-write it like I usually do. Anyways, better late then never right? Before we get into things I’d also like to let you know that the focus will be taking an off week next week with […]

Friday Focus #51

We are now just one week out from the first anniversary of Friday Focus. It’s kind of weird to be sitting here thinking how quickly a year has really gone by…but I’ll get into all this reflection stuff next week. Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone. Next weekend is November. Sites of the Week DreamsDrive is […]

Friday Focus #50

Time to celebrate the big 5-0! I guess that’s why today’s focus is rather late compared to the last few weeks (we were out celebrating all night). But anyways, here we go with edition fifty. Sites of the Week Kicking things off this wonderful 50th edition of the focus is Sikker, the Portfolio of Nicolás […]

Friday Focus #49

Happy Friday everyone. Edition 49, just three weeks away from a year. Wow, are you as surprised as I am? Sites of the Week Week 49, and the first site this week is BillQ. BillQ is another billing / money management web application. Both the site and the application are very clean, but there are […]

Friday Focus #48

Edition 48. Yes, that’s f o r t y e i g h t. Sites of the Week Kicking things off is TEN (Teaching Excellence Network). Pretty nice for a network dedicated to teachers. Obviously their web department doesn’t need much work. Next we have a really minty design. This is the portfolio of Laco […]

Friday Focus #47

Here with are with another month drawing to a close. We are just 5 weeks away from the first year anniversary of Friday Focus, so feel free to start putting together your gifts for us now. I’m not sure what exactly the 52nd week of Friday Focus will actually hold, but hopefully I can get […]

Friday Focus #45

Another weekend is upon us. This was a fairly busy week in terms of site changes around here, most of which have been received fairly well. Now that school is beginning to calm down and settle back into the usual “pattern” I can expect to be in until June, I should hopefully be able to […]

Saturday Slice (FF #43)

Late edition Friday Focus this week, and of course, it is all my fault. Please forgive me for a rare “Saturday” edition of the focus. Yesterday was my first day back at school, and after the seemingly forever when-the-hell-is-this-going-to-end day was over, I was out the rest of the night until early this morning. So […]

Friday Focus #42

Issue number 42. Exactly 10 weeks to go until we hit a year. Enjoy the weekend everyone! Sites of the Week Leading off this weeks top three is Kineda. How many times are we going to feature this place? I believe this is the third time Kineda has made the list, but every redesign looks […]