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How Do You Keep, Develop and Execute Ideas?

Different things might work for different people. What are your “magic formulas” for success?

What Drives Your Website?

Three questions to ask yourself when creating a new website.

SEO and Personal Blogs, What to Do?

Running a personal blog can be great. You have total free reign on the topics, you can build relationships with readers and you can express yourself in any way you like. Running a well read, well visited personal blog is even better. It’s no secret that the best traffic is organic traffic, from search engines. […]

Ready for May 1st?

Are you prepared for your reboot? Make sure you don’t forget some key factors.

Listen to your visitors

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, including (and more frequently than not), us. The key is to admit those mistakes in terms of your site (design, accessibility, etc), get them fixed, and improve upon them. Sitting back and taking a “I know everything” attitude certain isn’t the best way to go.

Don’t Lose Your Visitors: Better 404 Pages

Running into 404 (page not found) errors can annoy just about anyone. Did you know you can change those standard messages with something more creative and helpful to your lost visitors? Of course you did, but it’s time you start doing it!

Devlounge Year in Review

This past year was a long one for us, and we went threw many changes a long the way. As we near the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, we reflect on how Devlounge started and got to the point we’re at today, as well as what you can expect from us in […]

Killing the Pattern Maker

As a designer, clients will request you do work to their specifications. Sometimes, their visions border things designs you’ve already made. So then what do you do?

The Evolution of Design

Letting yourself evolve with changes is important in not only life, but web design and development as well. Take a look at how Neowin & Sitepoint have both done this, and how you can too.

What Inspires Design?

Design inspiration comes from all around us: nature, music, personal and public events, and the lives around us. Everyone of us takes our design experience and builds it from the multitude of different places we gain inspiration from.

You Call Yourself A Designer

So you consider yourself a web designer? Good for you. How long have you been designing, what skills do you posses, do you have a portfolio? These are the questions any employer will ask before choosing you out of an unlimited supply of design talent. But wait – are you even a designer?

Dealing with Competition

Competition can be tough. How can you deal with a net full of sites trying to accomplish the same thing? We try to help.