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Clearmint Ice

Check out this awesome modification of Clearmint by Rusty Mitchell. He took Clearmint and went a few steps beyond to make an excellent mod for those that want more distinction between peppers and panels, and added tweaks here and there. He has put up a few larger screenshots on his site and has made the […]

Killing the Pattern Maker

As a designer, clients will request you do work to their specifications. Sometimes, their visions border things designs you’ve already made. So then what do you do?

Prepare for the Fall Reboot

With the 2006 Fall CSS Reboot about to get underway in the next couple of weeks, what better way to get your design senses flowing well with the latest season by using this helpful guide. In it we’ll point out some colors and techniques that you can have a much easier time getting away with using different the fall than any other season.