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High Quality HTML and CSS Templates

Following the last two posts on forms, I’m now listing 10 fresh HTML and CSS templates. They are ideal for implementing a modern form, while not all templates listed here are HTML5, you can replace the old doctype for the newest, <!DOCTYPE html>, supporting HTML5. After all remember that the new doctype is backwards compatible. […]

12 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates and Frameworks To Get You Started

With Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta just released we are a step closer to being able to use more functionality from HTML5 and CSS3. More and more developers and designers are taking the steps and creating their sites with HTML5 and CSS3 leaving the option to the user to switch to the most modern browser […]

20 Great Photoshop Website Tutorials

If you want your website to stand out a good first step would be to design your own instead of using a template which is used by hundreds others. While it’s true that content is very important to any other websites design also matters, it matters a lot. We can’t all be creatives or a […]

The Best White Minimal WordPress Themes

The best themes are the minimal white ones, they allow for more and easier customization. You can go for any second color you like without taking other elements in account. We chose the best free and paid minimal WordPress themes for you.

Quick Tip: Using WordPress Slug-based Category Templates

For Wordpress theme authors: a quick how-to on using the new slug-based category templates

Print-Friendly Movable Type Templates, Part 2: Dynamic Publishing

Last time, we learned how to create great looking print versions of our posts in Movable Type. This time, we take that same look and move it from static to dynamic publishing.

Creating a Print-Friendly Template in Movable Type

Taking inspiration from a WordPress plugin, we show you how to create a truly print-friendly post template for your Movable Type blog.

Friday Focus 07/18/08: Elegant, Exquisite, Extreme Details

Elegant, exquisite, and extreme details on these sites that are sure to please. Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus!

Keep a Featured Post at the Top of Your MT Blog

Not quite ready for your feature-length article to get pushed below the fold by more recent link posts? In this tutorial, learn how to keep a post “stuck” at the top of your Movable Type blog.

An Introduction to Movable Type Templates

Want to give Movable Type a shot, now that there’s an open source version and everything? Then this introduction to Movable Type templates is essential, and also a great start for more MT coverage here at Devlounge.