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Friday Focus 01/15/10: Uppercase

At one point in our internet lives, we learned to avoid typing in all caps, because it meant we were yelling. At another point, we became attachmented to typing in lowercase, because it looked and felt cool. We see a lot of designs going lowercase in many portions of text, but nowadays, going uppercase is is all the rage. These designs seem to pull that off quite well.

Friday Focus 05/30/08: Quick Descriptions

What’s the lesson for this week? Describe the purpose of your website in one fell swoop and you’ll go a long way. Of course, it helps to have a great design as well.

sIFR 3 Beta 1 Released

Just in time for Christmas comes the release of sIFR 3, the javascript, flash, and css solution to outputting smoother text using flash. Previous versions of sIFR were frowned upon by most designers because they increased loading times on pages greatly, but this new beta has supposedly eliminated that by using on-demand loading to load […]