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Design Focus: Art of Paper Folding

If last week was all about uncovering and unfolding, this we’re looking at designs featuring actual folded objects a.k.a origami.

Friday Focus 03/09/12: Chalked Up

It’s back to the classroom this week on Friday Focus as we study designs that feature the chalkboard effect on them.

Friday Focus 03/02/12: Tentacular

This Friday Focus we’re featuring another animal mascot that’s also growing in popularity: the octopus! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Friday Focus 12/30/11: Blast from the Past

The last Friday Focus of the year goes back in time before we move into the future. Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday Focus 11/18/11: Moustaches for Movember

Last week we celebrated 11/11/11; this Friday Focus we’re looking at inspiring moustache-themed designs in celebration of Movember or men’s health awareness month.

Friday Focus 09/09/11: Denim

This week on Friday Focus we’re featuring a specific type of texture being used in websites: denim. Is it the new wood pattern? Let’s find out.

Friday Focus 03/18/11: Drink Up

This week on Friday Focus, we’re toasting to sites that feature drink products in their designs. Let’s see how they’re featured in each.

Friday Focus 12/10/10: Darkly Textured

This week’s Friday Focus is all about light on dark designs that use subtle, even elegant textures.

Friday Focus 10/22/10: Beautiful Data

Pie charts and graphs have never looked sexier with their integration into these websites. It’s beautiful data visualizations on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/20/10: Skylines

This week on Friday Focus: designs that feature artistic renderings of skyscrapers and other features of a long landscape. See how they’re incorporated below.

Friday Focus 07/23/10: Bento Boxes

This week on Friday Focus: websites whose content are arranged into boxes like those cute bento meals. This time, you must think inside the box!

Friday Focus 07/16/10: The Many Faces of Paper

The many different textures, colors, and treatments for paper allow infinite possibilities for their use in websites. Not one of these designs look remotely alike, and that keeps things very interesting. Happy Friday Focus!