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The Types of Content in Web Design and Development That Send Traffic

What types of content do well in the web design and development arena? I did a little research to find out.

WordPress Caching Overview

You would think that over the long period since everyone used static pages for their websites, we wouldn’t have to come full circle, but with the ever increasing audience of web savvy users, database calls can bring a website to its knees.

Do huge waves of traffic have to bring your WordPress powered site down? Not if you are properly prepared.

Methods for Marketing Your Site

Outside of content, site growth can be directly affected by when, how, and where you market your site. There are all types of forms in which this can achieved: banner advertisements, text link ads, and viral advertisements. Then of course, there are the alternative methods – the so called hit and SEO boosters, or even […]

SEO and Personal Blogs, What to Do?

Running a personal blog can be great. You have total free reign on the topics, you can build relationships with readers and you can express yourself in any way you like. Running a well read, well visited personal blog is even better. It’s no secret that the best traffic is organic traffic, from search engines. […]

Traffic: Quality vs. Quantity

Traffic is one thing that people strive for. Whether it’s using the pillar technique of building traffic over time, or a spike technique to create bursts of heavy hits for a day or two, traffic rules not only the way your website is seen, but it can affect how likely repeat visitors are. People are […]

The Road to the first 100K

For every site owner, you set goals for yourself long before the site launches. Maybe it’s things you’d like to do in general. Maybe you hope to make a set amount of income by a certain point in time. Or maybe you hope to hit traffic goals each month as the site’s popularity increases. For […]